For the Love of Art

Paintings by Aleksandra Cherepanova
Photography by Hera Bell (

“Am I really getting an old face and body? What do you think, Marjorie? Please be honest with me.” “Oh, Belinda, please! Don't be ridiculous! You're looking amazing and old... Old, being 28. Please, stop it!” Marjorie looked almost angry at her friend. She was a bit envious about her, with her slim body, her beautiful blond hair that reached to her shoulders and these amazing blue eyes of her. Light blue with a darker ridge around the blue. She herself had gained a bit of weight after getting her son, but the brunette knew that still loads of men would turn their heads to look at her back when she passed them.
“That bastard of an ex of you is really after children. How old was that former patient of his again?” Marjorie's brown eyes darkened, like they always did when she was aggravated or angry. When they almost turned black you had to be careful. “She is 21 now, I think almost 22. They move…